École Georges Méliès was founded in 1999 by its managing director Franck Petitta. Located in Orly (Grand Paris), it adjoins Georges Méliès Park, the place where the father of cinematic art and visual effects concluded his life.

Artisan de l'Imaga

What is an Image Designer?

What is an Artisan de l’IMAGE ?

For over 20 years, École Georges Méliès has been training true image designers, capable of understanding the whole image production chain (film, video game, etc.), irrespective of the technique employed (live action, stop motion, 2D animation, 3D animation, video game, etc.).


École Georges Méliès is open at all times of the day and night. All necessary professional equipment is therefore available to the student, who may use it freely whenever he wishes; there is no need to spend your own individual money on costly equipment, École Méliès takes charge of this for you! The focus is on the potential designer in each of our students, and they are free to make the most of the School in order to also develop personal projects.

The School was designed as a space for discussion and friendliness, and has landscaped terraces which enable students to meet in a space dedicated to meal times, relaxation, coffee breaks, etc.

École Méliès supports each of its students individually throughout their schooling but also offers follow-up and support post-schooling. Professional integration and project development form an integral part of the School’s educational plan. This is why being a student at École Méliès is not simply about taking courses and getting a degree. It’s about being part of a team, that of the Image Designers. It’s about committing to a human approach as much as a professional one, and therefore benefitting from the network of former students who enliven School life with many lectures, valuable information and helpful advice!

Key Figures

Some Key Figures

1 Site
306 Students
3 Programmes
72 Participants
90% Employment Rates
3,000m2 Energy Efficient Building
20 mins from Paris
1,100 hours participants per year
24hrs, 7days/wk The School is open and accessible

Degree Courses

École Georges Méliès offers 3 courses in the image fields: a foundation year in Applied Arts, a 4-year course in Animated Film (employing all techniques), a 4-year course in the Video Game (real-time technology: virtual and augmented reality). These two distinct courses are connected to one another by a global approach and give rise to the creation of joint projects.

Fine Arts Workshop

A foundation year in Applied Arts, devoted to the basics of art.

Animated Image Designer

Animated Film

1° Year

Strengthening knowledge and practice of the basics

2° Year

Learning to master the techniques of traditional animation

3° Year

Learning to master 3D tools

4° Year

Creation of a short film under real production conditions

Video Game Designer

Real-time Technology

1° Year

Acquiring the basics of real-time technology

2° Year

Managing and employing the acquired knowledge

3° Year

Improving one's skills

4° Year

End-of-studies Project
Artisan de l'Imaga
Key Figures
The Teaching Team
Degree Courses

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