Georges Méliès School is accredited to provide short courses for professionals.
Training courses vary according to professional needs and demands and production studios.

Unreal Training Center

Since May 2021, École Georges Méliès has been certified by the Unreal Training Center.

The only professional training centre approved by Epic Games in Ile de France.


Originally an essential video game engine, Unreal Engine is developing and becoming more popular in many image sectors: animation cinema, special effects, virtual boards, etc.

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The duration of the training, as well as the level and content, offered varies according to the needs and demands of the companies: short training of 3 days or training of several weeks.


The courses offered by the Georges Méliès School as the Unreal Training Center are intended for professionals already experienced in animation and also open to teachers of higher education who train in these trades.


Do not hesitate to contact us directly to learn more!

For more information about vocational training, please contact us.

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