Senior Animator

Vincent Caudeville is a 3D animator at Weta Digital and a former student of the Georges Méliès School

Throughout his career, he has worked for studios such as Framestore, Iloura, and Illumination MacGuff.


To learn more about Vincent, his journey, experiences, and advice, visit the Web TV of the Artisans of the Image, where he is interviewed!

There is no secret, animation takes time. We are fortunate to have Ctrl Z and backups, so don't hesitate to use them to test, take risks, and innovate. Also, never hesitate to seek external feedback on your work because the time spent animating too often brings your nose too close to the screen. We work alone in front of our computer, but very rarely alone in making a film We are fortunate to have a job that only has meaning if we convey messages and emotions. I look forward to discovering your films. Good luck !
Vincent Caudeville, 3D Animator
Vincent Caudeville - Demoreel 2023

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